My Mahalos,Thank You’s & Appreciation...

db To: ALL THAT IS, My Spirit Guides, My Angels, & the creature that protects me!

db To: Justin James, My dear friend, who graciously lent his golden voice to bring life to my music and lyrics. World’s greatest travel buddy, across the Western and Eastern Hemispheres together, gathering experiences and exotic tales, some of which you can hear in our music. Mahalo Nui Loa, J.J. for all your friendship and support. Everyone please check him out at,

db To: Vibe Asylum Studios of Honolulu and it’s Owner, Ben Tiernaur, my friend and mentor, for supporting and guiding me on this second journey to completion. Mahalos, Ben for your help and invaluable guidance.

db To: Reuben Durham, my engineer, my mentor, my studio musician, my co-producer on many tracks, and my all around “secret weapon”... Thank you Reuben for demanding, as well as always giving your best. You made it possible EVEN a second time!!! I can’t wait to record our Third CD in your new studio in Australia. The islands will miss your spirit, as will I… Warmest Mahalos

db To: My Youngest daughter, Amber, for her inspiration, support, love and boundless cheerfulness. She represents the very best that this life can offer. As a father, I proudly proclaim, that she is “the best thing I will ever do in this life.

db To: My eldest daughter, Jasmine for her bravery in Thailand, during the first albums incredible photo shoot, with an enormous elephant that became her unlikely soul mate on our first CD, “ Once in a Blue Moon”… watch the movie and be inspired by the innocence, strength and beauty of youth...Now a beautiful woman, 4 years later, I recall her as an infant who looked in my eyes and said, “I love you more than everything”. She too represents “ the best I will ever do in this life”.

db To: My beloved islands of Hawaii, for it is this, magically special place on our earth that could speak to me and show me how to listen, and channel its music thru my head, which surrounds us everywhere... Aloha! db To: Rachel, listen carefully, it tells the whole story. Thank you for the journey. Peace and Love to you always.

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