db Warren & Friends
DB Warren & Friends

Notes From Paradise is a surprise musical journey into the Hawaiian Heart and life of db Warren. With every chord, lyric, and beat, db Warren draws you into an eclectic musical world and delights your musical senses at every turn.

The "Notes From Paradise" CD was produced at the Vibe Asylum Studios in Honolulu, on the beautiful Island of Oahu, Hawaii. From this location, a group of accomplished musicians came together to entice the listener with an unusual mix of Jazz, Rock and Rhythm and Blues and even Gospel - similar to a personal mix of your favorite styles and genres.

The first track "Everybody," a R&B tune, is sung by the widely acclaimed vocal artist, Justin James (www.justinjamesmusic.com), who sets the opening tone of this musical experience with strong statement on love. The following tracks then move each in a different direction, but with the common thread of the unmistakable "Rod Stewart" like voice, of Justin James.

Notes From Paradise is the second album by db Warren, his first being "Once in a Blue Moon" which was an introspective instrumental initial offering. His deep connection to all that is Hawaii, is the inspiration behind each CD. In his own words, db Warren calls Hawaii "the most magically special place on earth... that channels its music through my consciousness."

This musical collection tells a love story, a story of longing, of seeking, of wishing, of missing, of regret and finally of unsettled peace. The listener will surely find a specific track on this CD to identify with, since each comes from a series of life experiences from the heart.

"Notes From Paradise" is a must listen of new music from Hawaii.

Track List

  • Everybody
  • Goodbye California
  • Boda Bar Blues
  • Just Getting By
  • Where Art Thou?
  • Lost in the City
  • Next Time
  • Ready or Not
  • My Blue Woman
  • Breathless
  • Fool's Lullaby
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